Common Questions

We’ve developed the information below to assist applicants with the most common questions regarding the UCR JOBS application system. Please review the information carefully.

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Do I need to set up a new account if I already had a previous account on the old UCR JOBS site:

Yes.  A new account will need to be created in order to apply for current positions on the new UCR JOBS website.

What happens to the applications I submitted on the old UCR job site:

If you applied to a position in the previous UCR JOBS system, you do not need to reapply in the new system.  Your previous application will be considered. However, you will need to create a new account in order to apply for other positions on this website.

Why is there a red "X"  in the left-hand navigation when I fill out the application?

All required fields (indicated by red italics) must be completed before the application can be submitted. As each section of the application is completed, the red “X” for that section in the left-hand navigation will become a green check mark.

The majority of support inquiries come from users who have not completed one or more required fields. Please confirm that all application sections indicate a green check mark, and review any that contain a red “X” to identify and complete all required fields.

What web browser should I be using?

UCR’s application system supports a variety of browser and operating system combinations. The following browsers and operating systems are supported:

  • On Windows XP/Vista/7: Internet Explorer 7 (XP only), 8, Firefox 3 & 4
  • On Apple OS X: Firefox 3 & 4
  • On Ubuntu Linux: Firefox 3 & 4
  • Please note that while UCR does not officially support Internet Explorer 9, in general applicants have been able to complete the application using this browser.
  • UCR does not support Google Chrome.

What document formats do you accept for resumes and cover letters?

Applicants have the ability upload cover letters and/or resumes specifically tailored for individual positions being applied for, and to store these documents for later use in the applicant’s Document Repository. The following document types are allowed for upload:

  • Microsoft Word 2003/2007/2010 (.DOC/.DOCX)
  • Adobe Acrobat (.PDF)  You may download a free copy of Adobe Reader.
  • Applicants also have the ability to cut/copy and paste these documents into the application system. Please note, however, that document formatting will not be preserved when the cut/copy & paste method is utilized.
  • UCR JOBS allows you to upload and use multiple resumes and cover letters to complement your employment application. You may access your document library by logging into your account and selecting the blue “Documents” box.

How do I check the status of my application?

To check the status of positions you have applied to, login to your account and select the green “Apps in Progress” box.

How do I find out about new job opportunities?

Register for an account and join our email list: Receive emailed employment opportunities

What if I need an accommodation in application process?

UCR will provide reasonable accommodations for applicants with a disability, as necessary.  Please contact the campus Human Resources office of assistance at:  Please enter the following as the email subject: "Accommodation needed".

I have a limitation seeing, hearing, speaking or moving.  How can I communicate with the Human Resources office?

You may contact the California Telephone Access Program by dialing 711 from any phone in California or by visiting:  A Communications Assistant can help you contact the Human Resources office at 951.827.JOBS.

What other ways can I keep up to date with UCR Careers?

Follow us on Twitter: @UCRCareers

How do I access my UCR JOBS account?

To access your UCR JOBS account, visit: My Account

Are there tutorials to help me with the UCR JOBS site?

View our tutorials