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Marsha, Disability Management Coordinator

By UCR Jobs


October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month.  This year’s theme is “Profit by Investing in Workers with Disabilities.”  In 1989, President George H. W. Bush and Congress passed the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA was amended by President George W. Bush in 2008.  It was reported that some 43,000,000 Americans have one or more physical or mental disabilities, and this number is ever increasing as our population ages. Historically, society has tended to isolate and segregate individuals with disabilities. Discrimination against individuals with disabilities persists in areas of employment, housing, education, public accommodations, transportation, communication and public services.

The goal of the ADA was to assure equality of opportunity, full participation, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency when living with disabilities.

The contributions of those with disabilities are historic.  For example think about Thomas Edison.  At age 12, he lost most of his ability to hear. By the age of 84, he had acquired 1093 patents and invented the phonograph! Think about the accomplishments of Ray Charles, a 12 time Grammy award recipient who became blind at age 6, Alexander Graham Bell who was working on developing a hearing device for his wife when he invented the telephone, think about the wonders of Helen Keller, Franklin Roosevelt and the multitude of artists, scientists, and academics that have so greatly contributed to our society. We applaud the enormity of these contributions to the world.   For additional information regarding the American’s with Disabilities Act please go to Information from the US Library of Congress can also be found at

Here at UCR every month is Disability Awareness Month!  It has been one of the greatest gifts of my career to work at this institution which demands equal treatment for all “individuals with a disability”!  As the Disability Management Coordinator for Faculty and Staff I have been empowered by individuals at all levels who endure so much to work and teach. I have worked in the Disability Management arena for over 30 years and nowhere have I found individuals so dedicated to making the world around them a better place. I am a better person for working at UCR!

Marsha Marion, CRC, CCM
Disability Management Coordinator

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Eric, Disability Specialist

By UCR Jobs


Student Disability Union President Terrance Stewart and I just came back from the Common Ground Retreat. There, UCR students shared with one another as members of multiple affinity groups. Those affinity groups—some chosen and some imposed—structure our personal identities, our approaches to social justice, and our possibilities of building coalition to make the world a better place. 

In both word and deed, Terrance powerfully represented to his fellow Common Ground participants that disability is not just “functional limitation¸” as we often think of it in employment, but a rich matrix that stands behind personal experience, social identity, and the relationships we form to people and to institutions.

Historically and today, our current ability / disability status often influences how people treat us, how much we decide to reveal about ourselves, how credible we are in various contexts, what we value, our economic opportunities, what citizenship rights we enjoy in theory and in practice, and even how we interact with other people’s struggles and joys. Our relationships to our own body, to our own mind, to our fellow human beings, and to the institutions that determine the practical significance of our current ability / disability status—all those relationships profoundly shape our self-understandings and give form to the actions through which we might radiate the light of our will.

Translating this enriched concept of disability back into an employment context, ability / disability is clearly part of diversity. A diverse workforce, if effectively organized and appropriately trained, creates a harmonious workplace capable of generating a wider set of possible solutions than would be the case with a homogenous workforce.

I choose to work at UCR because, from Chancellor White on down, my colleagues here support diversity. My supervisors in Student Special Services support my choice to serve on the leadership team of the Diversity Educators Network (DEN), which provides personal and professional development for all members of our Campus community. I invite you to participate in the Disability Advocates training program, so that you may learn how to avoid the most common social missteps through which people with disabilities are alienated, gain etiquette skills, listen to the real-life stories of students with disabilities, and become a visible support for people with disabilities at UCR.

Eric N. Peterson, Ph.D.
Disability Specialist

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Ivan, Programmer Analyst, BS ’11

By UCR Jobs

Ivan Rojas

Throughout my life, I always knew that going to a university was not going to be an option, but instead, a requirement. I also knew that there was no easy road to take. Being the first in my family to ever go to a university put me at a disadvantage in a sense that my family could only provide moral support. They did not know what it took to further one’s education.

When I applied to universities, UC Riverside was my number one priority. The engineering program that I wanted to be accepted in was relatively new at the time, but I knew it was the program I wanted to be a part of. It provided the courses and the materials which I was interested in as well as expert professors in the fields. I also wanted to attend UC Riverside because I would be able to commute to and from the university, let’s face it; cost of living is expensive these days. Overall, UC Riverside had the qualifications I was looking for, and, lucky for me, I had the qualifications the university was looking for in a student.

Even though I had been accepted to the university I wanted to attend, I knew that I couldn’t count on the financial support I would require to attend. The university provided some financial aid, but I knew I would need to have additional income in order to progress. I ended up beginning my own small business to try and make up for the difference. There were great advantages about doing this, such as being able to set my own schedule around my courses but in reality, it had nothing to do with my career. The job market was getting tough and without any relevant experience, I would not be able to acquire a job when I graduated. I needed to get a job that was relevant to my field of study.

As I searched for opportunities, I found various job options that required experience in the field that I did not have. I always kept in mind that whatever I was able to get, it would have to fit to my class schedule and, hopefully be on campus. As I searched through the career center online portal, I found a job that fit my interest and personal experience. The helpdesk position at the School of Medicine was exactly what I was looking for. It provided the additional experience that I needed, great hours, and it was on campus. Not to mention, I was able to be a part of an upcoming new school at the university. I was able to learn about how technology was being used in higher education and how applications were developed in a real time environment, in general, I was able to hone skills in the tech field.

In 2011, when I finished my undergraduate degree, many of my friends spoke about how it was hard to find a job and how most of them were still unemployed; they were worried. In all honesty, I was worried as well. My worrying was in vain, however, since UCR provided the perfect opportunity for the next stage in my career. As the Programmer Analyst in the School of Medicine, I found a job that combines both my helpdesk support experience as well as my educational experience. I am able to provide quick technical service to the staff and faculty, whether they are having trouble with their computer or a mobile device or any other hardware device. I am also able to create new database applications, use my web design skills to create and maintain websites, and even combine the two to create web applications.

UC Riverside has provided me with most, if not all, of the tools I need to succeed in my career. I feel as if I am helping in the development of the institution. As stated before, I am the first college graduate in my family. Though I know I am not influencing students directly, I am establishing and providing the services they need, in order to reach the same goals that the university helped me achieve.


Ivan Rojas
Programmer Analyst


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Tina, HR Analyst, BA ’78

By UCR Jobs


I was fortunate to attend UC Riverside as a freshman through graduation within four years. My twin sister and I were attending at the same time, so you can understand that my parents wanted us to finish as quickly as possible!! I went directly from a high school in Pomona California to UCR. My brothers had attended UCR six years earlier and had “paved” the way for my sister and me, so I knew that UCR was where I wanted to be and I was not disappointed.

What made UCR such a great experience for me at the time was the ability to be close to home but not close enough where commuting was an option. I wanted the “dorm” experience and I got what I came for. It was really interesting to experience the true meaning of “coed” and to gain 10 pounds my freshman year. Another factor was that UCR was small enough to have one on one interactions with your professor in many of upper level classes and be able to have an informal learning community with your peers.

I was also involved with many student groups, and my entrance into a worldwide sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc., allowed me to have many leadership opportunities at UCR and the surrounding Riverside Community. Every job experience I had at UCR, as a student mentor and student assistant, helped me grow and ready myself for my career after graduation.

After working in the banking industry for 10 years, a position that I gained at a UCR Career Center Career’s Fair, I worked for the County of Riverside for 14 years. I still had a dream of working at my alma mater; consequently 10 years ago I applied for a position with the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, where I am currently employed. The energy and the feeling of possibilities that beckoned me many years ago to UCR as a student, is still a feeling that is alive today. I’m really glad to call UCR my career “home” once again.

Tina Caroline
Human Resources Analyst


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Lauren, LMS Coordinator, BA ’08, MFA ’10

By UCR Jobs


Growing up in Riverside UCR played a major role in my life, as it does for the entire local community.  My first visits to UCR were as a kid while my mom was getting her Master’s Degree.  My eldest brother met his future wife, a UCR student, when his band played at the Barn.  I have been privileged enough to earn two degrees here and be on my fifth year as an employee.  But I had no idea when I started at UCR as an undergrad in 2004 that I would still be here seven years later.

As an undergrad I understood when I finished college I would need more than a good education on my résumé.  Too many people finish college and find it difficult to find a job because they lack work experience.  Of course the conundrum is how are they supposed to gain experience if no one is willing to hire them?   I didn’t want that to be me, so as soon as I started college I began my first paying job.  However, maintaining a rigorous class schedule and working, even part time, is not always easy to juggle.  My work place didn’t understand why I couldn’t work more hours, why certain weeks were more difficult than others, and they had a hard time understanding why I needed to change my schedule every ten weeks.

Like many UCR students, I soon realized the best thing would be to find a job on campus.  I figured a job on campus would be more flexible and understanding of my school schedule. Though I was a history major I had always been good with computers and technology so I ended up working for the Multimedia & Classroom Technologies department.  For two years I delivered and set up sound systems and projectors all over campus, and assisted professors using the classroom equipment.  I worked early mornings, late nights, weekends, and during school breaks.  Working at Media I not only got to know all the technology on campus, I got to know the campus like the back of my hand.  It was one of the best jobs a student could ask for.  In between deliveries and help calls I could study, our schedules were tailored around our classes and finals, and I could walk straight to class after a shift.  They even held my job so I could study abroad one summer.  

In 2008, I was trying to decide between grad schools and looking forward to my upcoming graduation.  The job market was beginning to decline and I knew starting a Master’s program and a new job at the same time would pose some difficulty.  When I was offered a spot at the UCR Palm Desert Campus for their MFA in Creative Writing program I asked my boss if I could stay on as a student employee.  This ended up working out better than I could have imagined.  I moved up to the front office of the department, which provided more money, better hours, and allowed me to hone skills as an administrative assistant.  The Palm Desert program had a very different schedule than my undergrad program, and once again Media provided the flexibility I needed to manage both school and work. When I finished I had a Master’s degree and four years of steady employment at UCR, but the job market was at its worse.  However not only did I have a diverse education that qualified me to teach at a university level, my student job had provided me with a background in technology and administrative work.  This would allow me to apply to a wide range of positions and industries to better my chances in an overcrowded job market.

After graduating I was ready to enter the job market yet again.  Naturally I turned to UCR, hoping my experience working for the University would set me above other candidates.  And once again UCR provided the perfect job for the next stage in my life.  As the LMS Coordinator in the HR Department I have found a job that has that combined my writing degree and my technical background. 

My favorite thing about working at UCR has been each departments’ ability to recognize and utilize my unique skills and allow me to branch out into areas that interest me.  When Media needed a script written for an online training, who better than the person in the department with a writing degree?  Or when they needed to test a web conferencing program for the Palm Desert Campus, who better than a Palm Desert student?  My current position allows me to do something new every day, also drawing on my degree and previous work experience.  I write guides and manuals, troubleshoot technical issues, and they even let me flex my graphic design skills now and then.  

UCR has shaped my future in a very significant way. There is something very comforting as an alumni knowing my university stands behind the education I was given here, and working at UCR makes me feel like I am in some way giving back to the University.  While my job doesn’t directly deal with students, I know that as a staff member I play a small part in keeping this campus running so that the university can continue shaping the future of its students. 

Lauren Cummings
Learning Management System Coordinator


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UCR Alumni who chose UCR

By UCR Jobs

 UCR photo

As the new academic year begins, our blog will showcase UCR Alumni who chose UCR as the place to build their career.  As you read their stories, you’ll find that the sense of community and connection they experienced as a student woven through their staff experience as well.  How, you may ask?  Because so many of the events and activities that bring the campus to life this time of year are shared by the entire campus community.  For example:

  • The Barn offering great food and an even better atmosphere for catching up with friends.
  • Highlander Athletics teams kick off their fall sports season with volleyball games, soccer matches, and cross country meets.
  • The Student Recreation Center is overflowing with health conscious students, faculty, and staff.

The UCR roots that Alumni establish as students grow deeper still as they make the transition to staff member.  Not only do they possess insight into the campus culture through their student lens but they are afforded an opportunity to Live the Promise in new ways.

Come back often to review our available job opportunities and read our blog as our staff UCR Alumni share their story of why they chose UCR.

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Welcome, What’s new, and Why?

By UCR Jobs

Welcome to the new UC Riverside JOBS website!

This new job site was developed not just with the job seeker in mind, but also with the former, current and future UCR employees in mind – in other words, YOU.  Here are a few exciting features:

  • An easy to apply application system that allows you to manage multiple customized application documents.
  • An area with updates on the latest “News and Events” related to UC Riverside and opportunities available to you.
  • A comprehensive “Help” section that even contains video tutorials.
  • An automated communication system that notifies you of your applicant status.
  • Most importantly – A blog that will keep you informed on various topics of interest to you, so come back often!  Basically the blog is the Who, What, Where, When, How and Why’s of the University of California, UC Riverside, and Employment @UCR.

At this point, you may be asking yourself “Why choose UCR?”.  Well to get you started here are five reasons you should choose UCR:

  1. Benefits of a Premier University. UCR is ranked by US News and World Report (2011) as among the top 50 best public universities in the nation, it is the premier research university in Inland Southern California and one of its largest employers.  UCR is part of the world renowned and prestigious University of California (UC) system.  UC provides exceptional benefits in addition to the special intellectual and cultural advantages of being a member of the UC Community.  The benefits of belonging to the University of California can’t be beat.  View the UC Benefits of Belonging Video.
  2. Diversity and Inclusivity. US News and World Report (2011) ranked UCR as the 4th most diverse public university in the nation and the 1st most diverse in California. This distinction is a product of a University that values inclusivity and whose leadership is dedicated to ensuring that talented students, faculty and staff from all backgrounds have access to the University and that all UCR community members have a growing awareness of the educational benefit of diversity. Visit the Diversity@UCR website.
  3. Making a Difference Locally and Globally. For more than 50 years, UC Riverside has enriched and enhanced the economic, social, cultural and environmental landscape of California, the nation and the world.  Learn more about UCR’s ground breaking research and innovative solutions by visiting UCR’s Living the Promise website.
  4. An Undercover Boss. UCR’s Chancellor, Tim White, is a leader that finds a way to connect with those he serves.  His Friday Letter connects him to staff, faculty, students and various subscribers.  Through his informative, thoughtful and insightful storytelling his passion for the University is clearly felt.  His Town Hall meetings bring him face to face with the campus community.  He provides information and presentations that are clear and transparent – even when he seems to be interrogated with complex and sometimes sensitive questions.  Basically, he is a boss that cares about his work, he cares about the students and community he serves, and he cares about the future of the University. He cares enough that he wanted to see the campus from the inside out to strengthen his respect for the way the institution changes lives and creates value every day.  To do this he went “undercover”.  To view more about Chancellor White as the “Undercover Boss” visit the UCR Undercover Boss website.  You can also view the full CBS Undercover Boss episode on the CBS website.
  5. A welcoming vibrant community of professionals. UCR recognizes the importance of enabling employees to explore engaging career opportunities through education, development,  leadership programs, and promotional opportunities; enjoy a variety of campus events; live a healthy lifestyle with wellness resources and an on-site  Recreations Center; strive for work-life balance through policy, programs and an on-site Child Development Center; and provide ample opportunity to network, engage and connect with fellow employees.

Until next time…Peruse the new UCR JOBS website and follow @UCRCareers on Twitter.  If you are a current UCR employee and would like to be showcased in the “Why Choose UCR” section of the UCR JOBS website or know someone who should be, please email me at


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