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Jason, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

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When deciding whether or not to take a job at UCR, there were many questions to consider. I lived in Georgia and had never even been to California before. I knew absolutely no one and had no place to live. Was the salary of an assistant coach going to be enough for me to survive? Then I thought to myself the same question I always do when faced with a challenge or difficult decision, “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” I haven’t looked back since and it was the best decision I could have ever made. With a lot of hard work and even more luck, I was promoted to Head Strength and Conditioning Coach within 2 years of being here.

As a strength and conditioning coach, my job is to improve the fitness of our athletes here at UCR.  What is fitness? Fitness by my definition is more than just being able to run a 5 k a little faster than you did last Thanksgiving. Fitness to me and my athletes is a chain made up of 10 links: Strength, Power, Speed, Agility, Flexibility, Coordination, Balance, Accuracy, Cardio-Respiratory Endurance, and Stamina. We are only as fit as the weakest link in our chain. Improvements in all of these areas are done primarily by practicing their sport, weight training, body weight exercises, sport specific conditioning (running), and proper nutrition.

I always try to encourage healthy choices concerning diet, and exercise. I also think it is extremely important to lead by example. I maintain my own fitness and encourage all of our athletics staff to join in daily workouts with me. There is a group that works out with me at lunch time that we call “Fit Club”. Having this group to workout with is great. They rely on me to create the workouts, and I rely on them for a workout partner. Keeping each other accountable is crucial if you are to be consistent with your workouts. The group creates a competitive environment that would be impossible to duplicate on your own and the results speak for themselves.

I look forward to coming to work at UCR every day. I enjoy working with the UCR Highlanders and the camaraderie with “Fit Club” is priceless. I will never regret my decision to move 2500 miles away from what I once considered home. Riverside is my new home and I am happy to be here.

Jason Salyer
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

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