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Tim, Policy Analyst & Information Officer, U.S. Veteran

By UCR Jobs


 Privileged to Serve a Higher Purpose and Duties as Assigned

 I am honored with the opportunity to reflect upon the five years of service I enjoyed as a U.S. Naval Supply Corps Officer and the service I now provide as a Policy Analyst here at University of California-Riverside. As I pause and reminisce on those times I shared with shipmates and how those memories and experiences have come into play today as I share with members of the UCR campus community, I realize there is a common thread that weaves itself through both of these two institutions.

 The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

This well-worn, nonetheless, fitting adage is wonderfully exemplified in both organizations. From the mess cook to Captain, the mission on board a ship calls on each member to serve a higher purpose.  From the custodian to the Chancellor, the mission on campus calls on each member to serve a higher purpose. Each and every one of these individuals contributes to a greater good. Each and every one of these individuals is valued.

In the Navy, I had the privilege of working with individuals whose dedication to serve a higher purpose was not only inspirational, but contagious. From the eager junior enlisted who just reported on board to the seasoned Captain, these individuals understood and taught me that answering the call to go beyond duties as assigned, not only served others but, also benefited oneself. Here at UCR, I have the privilege of working with individuals whose dedication is no less inspiring. Their commitment to the UCR mission is infectious.  Day-in and day-out, from the groundskeeper to the Chancellor, I see individuals who, with enthusiasm, relish the opportunity to go beyond duties as assigned. They, too, fully appreciate and remind me that even as we support others we, too, benefit.

In this short introspective piece, I am reminded of how many people have touched and continue to touch my life. My tenure of service in the USN is relatively short. The impact of that experience has served me in myriad and mellifluous ways. My tenure of service here at UCR continues. The impact of this experience continues to serve me in ways I have yet to realize.

I am privileged to have served and now serve a higher purpose and duties as assigned. Indeed, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I am honored to have been a part of the USN. I am honored to be a part of UCR.         

Tim Willette
Policy Analyst & Information Officer

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